Collect Recipient's Address Tax ID And Other Information

WP1099 does not collect information like Social Security Numbers since that is considered sensitive personally identifiable information.

Most web hosts that this plugin will run on also have policies prohibiting that type of information from being stored on their servers. Even if they didn't have those policies, it would be very difficult for a plugin like WP1099 to safely store that type of information given the wide variety of hosting environments, potentially weak passwords, and other issues that the plugin would have no control over.

In short, WP1099 won't collect or store any sensitive personally identifiable information.

To collect social security numbers and other personal information:
Any business that sends a 1099-MISC to a US based affiliate is required by the IRS to collect a form W9 from those affiliates. Send a copy of it to the affiliates requesting that they fill it out and send it back.

Once completed, that form will contain all of the information needed to file a 1099-MISC that our plugin does not generate. Information provided on an IRS Form W9 includes:

  • Recipient's name and/or business name
  • Recipient's legal entity type (individual, LLC, corporation, etc.)
  • Recipient's mailing address
  • Recipient's taxpayer identification number. If the recipient is a business, this will be their Employer Identification Number (EIN). If the recipient is an individual, this will be their Social Security Number (SSN).