Find Unsplash Images With Instant Images

If you often times have trouble finding inspiration for your site’s background images, you might find yourself browsing stock photo sites to get your images. After all, depending on the site you search the photos can be free and are usually great quality. Those photos can give an instant boost to your site’s aesthetics.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a hassle to browse the stock photo site and find an image you like. Then you have to download it in the right size, upload to your site, and add it as a background image.

There are so many steps for such a simple process, so we decided to integrate Full Screen Background Images with the popular Instant Images WordPress plugin. This plugin creates a seamless integration with Unsplash, a free stock photo site with thousands of beautiful photos.

Integrating with Instant Images

In order to use this feature, the Instant Images WordPress plugin must be installed and activated on your site.

Now, next to the regular Choose an Image option in Full Screen Background Images, you will also see a button titled Instant Images. Simply click the button, search for an image, and click it. The image will be magically imported into your WordPress media library. Then you can add the image as a background the same way you would for any other image.