Input Types

Conditional fields can collect a variety of information. Some information may make more sense to collect as a free-form text area, others may require specific options to be selected. The types of inputs you have available are provided below.

  • Text Box: This is a simple one line text field similar to what is used as an address field. Use this field to collect shorter responses from your customers.
  • Text Area: This is a multi-line text field similar to what is used as the Order Comments field. Use this type of field to collect longer responses such as a gift message or other instructions.
  • Select Menu: This field allows you to define a list of options for your customer to choose from in a drop-down style menu. Options are entered in the Select Options field.
  • Country List: This provides a drop-down style menu with a pre-populated list of countries to choose from.
  • State List: Similar to the country list, this will provide a drop-down style menu with a pre-populated list of states to choose from.
  • Checkbox: This option is not a multi-select checkbox field. It is a single checkbox, which can be used to require that a customer agrees to a statement (e.g. “Check this box to agree to our terms and conditions”), or indicates a yes/no response to a simple question (e.g. “Do you want to be added to our newsletter”). The Title and Field Label fields can control the text of the question asked.
  • Password: Similar to the Text Box field, this is a single line text field that hides the customer’s input the way a password field does. This can be used to collect a password used in another system, to set a password for entrance to a building, or provide other information that is obscured on the customer’s screen.
    • Note: the information the customer enters is not encrypted and is stored in plain text in the database. It is readable from the order email/invoice.
  • Radio: Presents a list of options for customers to select from. Only one option can be selected by clicking the radio button next to the option. This field can be used to allow customers to select something like a free gift, or some other option that can only have one answer. Similar to the Select Menu, the options are entered in the Select Options field.
  • Date Picker: Presents the customer with a date picker, where they can select a date from a calendar that pops up. This field could be useful for customers to be able to select a delivery date, schedule an appointment date, or provide other date-specific information.