Custom Formatting

If you are knowledgeable with CSS, you can easily add some custom style to your conditional fields. Each field will be set with a unique CSS id that can be added to your theme’s style.css, or some other CSS plugin.

  • Every field is wrapped in a div with #conditional_checkout_field_pro_XX
  • Every Title is wrapped in a div tag, with class  conditional_checkout_field_pro_field_title.
  • Labels and input areas (text box, text area, etc.) are wrapped in a p tag with #conditional_field_XX-YY_field.
  • Input areas have #conditional_field_XX-YY

The XX is a placeholder for the field ID, which can easily be identified by the number in the beginning of the row below.

The YY is a placeholder for the repeat number of the field. For example, if the field repeats 3 times, the IDs would look like #conditional_field_1-1_field, #conditional_field_1-2_field, and #conditional_field_1-3_field

Alternatively, on your checkout page you can right click on a field and select “Inspect Element” in most browsers to get a closer look at the styles you can work with.