Repeat Fields Based on Cart Quantity

In version 3.2.0 we added the ability to repeat your conditional fields based on the quantity of a product in the customer’s cart. This setting is optional, and can easily be turned on or off for each field as needed.

To repeat fields based on your customer’s cart quantity simply check the Yes button under Repeat Field for every field you want to have repeat.

If you don’t want a field to repeat because you only want to have one field filled out regardless of the quantity being purchased, simply select No under Repeat Field.

This feature is especially useful for shops where you may need to collect information for each item that is being purchased. For example, if you have tickets to an event where you need to collect the attendee’s names, and get t-shirt sizes you can set one repeatable field for the attendee name and another for t-shirt size options.

Use this feature sparingly though as it may impact your shop’s conversion rate. In the case of the event ticket example, if it is realistic that someone could be registering 100 people, they probably won’t want to sit there and fill out 200 extra fields (name x 100 + shirt size x 100).