Formatting Fields

If you are knowledgeable with CSS, you can easily add some custom style to your conditional fields. Each field will be set with a unique CSS id that can be added to your theme’s style.css, or some other CSS plugin.

  • Every field is wrapped in a div with #conditional_edd_checkout_field_pro_XX
  • Every Title is wrapped in an label tag with .edd-label, so each should look the same as your other EDD checkout field titles.
  • Descriptions are wrapped in a span tag with .edd-description.
  • Input areas have .edd-input and #ceddcf-field-XX-YY

The "XX" is a placeholder for the field ID, which can easily be identified by the number in the beginning of the row below. Alternatively, on your checkout page you can right click on a field and select "Inspect Element" in most browsers to get a closer look at the styles you can work with.

The "YY" is the quantity of the input field that is being displayed. If you don't allow customers to change item quantities in their cart, this will always be 1. Otherwise, it will increment for each field #ceddcf-field-XX-1 #ceddcf-field-XX-2 #ceddcf-field-XX-3 etc.