1099-MISC Filing Deadlines

Generally, all contractors (including affiliates and vendors) must receive their copy of the 1099-MISC by January 31st.

The IRS requires form 1099-MISC forms including payments to contractors who have amounts reported in box 7, nonemployee compensation, to be filed with the IRS no later than January 31st.

If 1099-MISC does not include an amount on box 7, it must be submitted to the IRS by April 1st. However, the contractors must receive their copy by January 31st.

When I file in January, what year am I filing for?

This is often times very confusing, especially to people who are filing for the first time.

When you submit your 1099-MISC to the IRS and your contractors, you are reporting the amounts earned in the prior calendar year.

For example, if Joe Smith was a contractor who earned $1,000 from you in 2018, you would file a 2018 1099-MISC form for him with $1,000 reported before January 31, 2019.

Often times people assume that because you are already in 2019 that you need to file on a 2019 form. This is incorrect because you are filing 2018 earnings, so the form needs to be the 2018 form.

You should also note that the WP1099 settings should be for the prior year (in this case 2018) as well.