Editing Customer Entries

On occasion it might be necessary to edit a customer's entry in one or more of the conditional fields that they filled out at checkout. 

All of the conditional fields are saved as custom fields in the order. To developers, this is the order's post meta.

Fortunately, WordPress gives us an easy way to edit this information, although it isn't always enabled by default. This document will show you how to enable it and make the necessary changes to the customer's input.

How To Enable Editing Conditional Fields

First, you will need to navigate to the order that you want to edit. To do this, go to WooCommerce > Orders, then click on the order you wish to edit.

At the top right corner of the screen there will be a tab labeled "Screen Options". Click that to expand the options menu.

Make sure the box to the left of Custom Fields is checked.

How To Edit Conditional Fields

Assuming the box next to Custom Fields is checked, you should be able to scroll down below the order details to find the Custom Fields section. There may be a lot of information here, but the conditional fields are the ones that have your field title in the Name column, and the customer's input in the Value column.

You should not edit the information in the Name column. Editing this will cause the plugin to not be able to identify the data as a conditional field and it will not display correctly on order invoices, or in the order details above.

To edit the customer input, you would edit the information in the Value column.

After making your edits, click the Update button below the field. 

You can then resend the order invoice email to the customer if desired and it will have the updated information shown to them. It will also show in the customer's order history in their account.

However, the customer's account will not be updated if the option to save the information to the customer's account was selected in the Conditional Field's settings. To edit this, you would need to navigate to the customer's profile under the Users menu in the Admin dashboard area.

Note: The only exception to the rule that you should not edit the information in the Name column is if you should happen to rename a conditional field's title. The information in the Name column is the field's title. If you change the title in the Conditional Field settings, you can change it to match here as well so that the customer input still behaves as expected.