The ceddcf_export_output_values filter can be used to modify the formatting of the customer's input in the CSV export file.

The filter is passed one variable, the customer's input. For each field, the data is formatted as follows:

[Entry one], [Entry two], [Entry three] (etc.)

If there are multiple entries for a field they will be formatted in square brackets, and each will be separated by a comma.

The entries are formatted this way to be able to distinguish one entry from the next easier than if they were just listed in a purely comma separated format, especially since some entries may contain a comma.

The square brackets tend to be rarely used so the data is enclosed inside those brackets.

If you wish to change this formatting, it is possible to do so through this filter.

 * Replace the square brackets with the "less than" and "greater than" symbols
add_filter( 'ceddcf_export_output_values', 'my_custom_format' );
function my_custom_format( $output ){
	$output = str_replace( '[', '<', $output );
	$output = str_replace( ']', '>', $output );
	return $output;