Login From Quick Checkout Modal

Quick Checkout offers the ability for customers to log into their account from checkout no matter how they are viewing the checkout page. This includes on-page checkout, revealed checkout, or lightbox checkout used by inserting shortcodes, on product pages, or the shop page.

In short, your customers will be able to login to their account from any Quick Checkout view.

Quick Checkout has incorporated a login process that enables customers to login without a page refresh that the traditional WooCommerce login process requires. This is incorporated on all of the WooCommerce login screens (my account, and on the checkout page).

The benefit to this for Quick Checkout users is that by preventing a page refresh, you also are preventing the lightbox popup and the reveal checkout windows from disappearing. This prevents a confusing experience for your customers.

Instead, all of the checkout processes stay open and function the same way as they always have. After logging in, the customer's saved billing and shipping information is automatically filled into the checkout fields. This saves the customer time and ultimately can help increase conversions.