The cwcfp_fee_label_count filter allows you to change the label that is added to a fee when more than one of the same field is adding a fee.

By default this will add the field's number in square brackets after the field's fee label.

Note: It is important that when fees are not being grouped in the plugin's settings that each fee has a unique label, otherwise WooCommerce will override the fees.

For example, fees will be added with labels in this manner:

  • Fee label [field quantity]

On the checkout page, it might look like this:

  • Gift Message [1]
  • Gift Message [2]
  • Gift Message [3]
  • ...and so on

The cwcfp_fee_label_count filter has three attributes passed to it:

  • $fee_label_count: This will always be ' [$i]' where $i is equal to the field quantity. In a checkout page that has three of the same field, this could be 1, 2, or 3.
  • $field_id: This is the conditional field's ID
  • $i: The field quantity.

If you do not want the unique identifier to be shown in square brackets but instead want a hyphen separating the fee label and the identifier, you could do the following:

	add_filter( 'cwcfp_fee_label_count', 'remove_square_brackets', 10, 3 );
	function remove_square_brackets( $fee_label_count, $field_id, $i ) {
		return ' - ' . $i;