Configuring Shipping Classes

To set up shipping classes to be used with your product samples, you will need to set up a separate class for your sample.

  • When logged in to your site as an administrator, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping tab.
  • Click the Shipping Classes link under the main tabs.
  • Add a new shipping class for samples.
  • Set the shipping cost for your sample by creating a shipping method and adding it to one of your shipping zones.
  • You can then set the base cost for all shipping classes using this method in the Cost field.
  • You can also add additional costs for each shipping class.
  • Then assign the shipping class for a product sample. 
  • Go to the product details page and click on the Sample Product tab. Select the desired sample shipping class from the shipping class dropdown.
  • Then the shipping class will be calculated automatically for the sample.
  • The calculation of the shipping cost can be seen in the screenshot below: