Basic Configuration for Free Product Sample

After the successful installation of the Free Product Sample for WooCommerce plugin, you’ll be redirected to the Free Product Sample for the WooCommerce settings page to configure the plugin.

Also, from the sidebar of the WordPress dashboard, you can decide to browse the settings page manually whenever you want.
One way or another, once you landed on the Free Product Sample for WooCommerce settings panel you’ll see the settings form.
  • Button Label: Type a label that will be shown on the free sample button throughout your store.
  • Disable Maximum Limit: Toggle this switch on to disable the maximum limit. Toggle it off to enforce a maximum limit of samples that can be ordered. Two new settings will be displayed if this is toggled off.
    • Maximum Limit Type: Select if you want to limit the number of samples by product or by order. Selecting Product will restrict customers to ordering X number of samples for each product. Selecting Order will restrict customers to including X number of samples in their order.
    • Maximum Quantity Per Order: Enter the maximum number of samples that the customer can request in each order. Note: this number should be the "X" in the Maximum Limit Type instructions above.
  • Enable Type:
    • Product wise: This allows you to enable samples on individual products or all at once.
    • Category wise: This allows you to enable samples on all products in a given category.
  • Enable Products/Categories: Select the products or categories (depending on the Enable Type selected), which you wish to enable free product samples. You can select multiple by holding down the CTRL/CMD button on your keyboard while clicking the products/categories with your mouse.
  • Sample Price: Enter the price that you wish to charge for your samples. Many stores will choose to enter 0 for free samples, however, you can charge for samples to reduce the number of orders placed for free items.
  • Hide in Shop/Categories Page: Toggle this option on in order to hide the free sample button on the shop/categories page. Toggle it off to display the free sample button on the shop/categories page.
  • Shipping Class: Choose a default shipping class for your free samples to be shipped with.
  • Tax Class: Choose a default tax class for your free samples to be shipped with.

Message Tab

On the message tab, you can configure a message to be displayed when a customer has attempted to order more than the maximum number allowed of a particular sample. There are two variables you can use in your message:

  • {product}: This will enter the product name in the text that is shown to the customer.
  • {qty}: This will enter the maximum quantity of a sample that the customer can order.