Making a Clickable Background Image

In version 2.0, we introduced a feature that allows visitors to click a background image. This is a perfect way for bloggers to earn additional advertising revenue, for musicians to advertise an upcoming concert, or retailers to promote a new product.

Making a background image clickable is really easy.

When you are editing or adding a new image, use the Enter URL this image should link to field.

Clickable background image

Entering a URL allows your site’s visitors to click on the background and get directed to the link you entered. If you don’t enter a URL, the image won’t be “clickable” and will behave as it always has.

Links can be to any site – so promote pages on your own website, or link to other websites. The choice is yours.

If you are utilizing the slideshow effect, each image will be able to have their own URL that they link to. This could be useful if you’re promoting several different things on the same page.

Only the background image will be able to be clicked, so the regular content on your page won’t be affected.